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Couple Awarded $6.4 Million in Malpractice Verdict

Posted by Holly Haines on September 03, 2013

A Missouri couple received a $6.4 million verdict as a result of a medical malpractice lawsuit filed against a doctor who diagnosed the 59-year-old man with a medical condition that kept his heart valve from closing properly.  Fifteen years later, the same man suffered a debilitating stroke that has left him with restricted use of the right side of his body.  He is unable to work and support his family.

While the doctor made a proper diagnosis, he failed to refer his patient to a cardiologist or conduct any follow-up testing.  As his health deteriorated, the doctor failed to refer him to a specialist and refused to admit him to a hospital.  Soon thereafter, he suffered a stroke and has sustained permanent damage. 

The jury agreed with the plaintiff and awarded the multi-million dollar verdict.

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