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New Hampshire Jury Decides in Favor of Plaintiff, Overruling Medical Malpractice Panel

Posted by Kevin Dugan on July 16, 2013

For the first time since the controversial medical malpractice panels were instituted in New Hampshire in 2007, a jury of New Hampshire citizens ruled in favor of William Landry, Jr.'s family. 

According to Clinic Advisor, "The case involved an otherwise healthy 36-year old man, William Landry, Jr., who suffered from two fainting spells in April and September 2004. He visited a cardiology practice three times, where doctors told him there was nothing wrong and allegedly did not perform the proper tests. Landry died a few months later. An autopsy revealed a lesion on his heart, which the coroner believed had developed months before and indicated heart disease."

The panels consist of a retired judge, a physician and a lawyer who listen to evidence in private.  The panel decision is not binding and plaintiffs may still seek a jury trial.  Clinic Advisor wrote concerning this particular case, "In the Landry case, a medical malpractice panel unanimously sided with the physician in 2009. Despite this decision, the jury ruled in favor of Landry's parents and awarded them $1.5 million."

My partner Mark Abramson and I published an article on medical panels some time ago, for more information, please click here.

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