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New Hampshire Receives A Grade for Healthcare Price Transparency

Posted by Peter Heed on July 23, 2015

Just one year after the state's hospitals were rated "F" in terms of healthcare price transparency, the state received an "A" for its price transparency, according to The Catalyst for Payment Reform and the Health Care Incentives Improvement Institute.  

The site responsible for the price transparency is a website operated by the state government, NH Health Cost.  According to the Health Care Incentives website, "One state returned to a high score this year after a brief hiatus due to an inactive website last year: New Hampshire. Its rebound shows that even small states with few resources can develop and maintain a useful and consumer-friendly website on health care prices."

This is good news for Granite State consumers of healthcare.  Now, we need a similar site that will monitor, track, and report healthcare errors and medical mistakes.

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